Perform in the Magic - Lets Sing Christmas
Perform in the Magic

Let's Sing Christmas at Disneyland® Paris
Lets Sing Christmas
Let's Sing Christmas! - Saturday 24th / Sunday 25th November 2018
This Christmas at Disneyland® Paris a brand new musical show will take place in Videopolis Theatre.

Join Mickey Onstage!
We invite you to join Mickey to be part of an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience: singing the Magic of Christmas. Legend tells that the power of uniting voices from around the world, is strong enough to light the brightest Christmas star! A magical mix of Disney Characters, Disney professional singers, a unique performance venue and technical wonderment, will all create the event.
A Disney Performing Arts vocal workshop prior to the performance, will give the chosen choirs an unforgettable glimpse into the world of entertainment at Disneyland® Paris!

Limited availability - Contact us for prices today!
Other dates available on request.
Meet and Greet

Application & audition requirements:
Due to the limited number of performance slots and accommodation packages, applications will be accepted on a first come first served basis.
Audition repertoire needs will be specific to this event – each group is required to send 2 full non-religious Christmas songs, the rest of our audition criteria remains unchanged & should feature at least 90% of those performers requesting to perform.
There will be up to 2 shows scheduled on each date, potentially made up of choirs from multiple groups. Each show will feature a maximum of 100 performers.
Depending on the number of confirmations, groups may have the opportunity to perform in 1 or 2 shows per day over the 2 days, but should be ready to perform in both shows each day if the opportunity opens up.
Show times will be confirmed at a later date & may be scheduled at any time of the day.
Show repertoire:
Specially commissioned Disney repertoire will be used for the performances.
Following confirmation, all accepted groups will receive the pieces and will be required to learn everything for their respective show date.
Show costume & accessories:
Performers are required to wear black bottoms, black tops & black closed toed footwear, with no visible logos - Christmas coloured capes/gowns will be provided by Disney for all performers to wear during the show.
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